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Welcome to the Minecraft Competitive League

The MCCL is a competitive league ran by players for players, with a collection of tournaments for some of Minecraft’s most loved games, such as Hypixels Cops vs Crims and Mineplex’s Bridges, CakeWars, Domination, Micro Battle and MineStrike.

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Our Competitive Leagues

MineStrike Competitive League

Mineplexs take on the popular Counter Strike Global Offensive is a game where two teams, Bombers and SWAT, go head to head to plant or defuse the bomb. Join the MSCL by clicking here.

Champions Competitive League

Pick your class and run into battle in Mineplexs Champions gamemode. Champions competitive league plays Domination mode, where you capture different territories and stop your rival from doing the same. Join the CCL by clicking here.

Cops vs Crims Competitive League

Cops and Crims is Hypixel’s version of CS:GO, where the Cops defend the bomb sites and the Crims try to plant the bomb. We use a 5v5 Challenge Defusal mode, where each half is 8 rounds and teams need 9 rounds to win. Join the CVCL by clicking here.

CakeWars Competitive League

Protect your team’s cake in Mineplexs CakeWars, capture points and eat your enemies cake to win. The last team standing wins. Join the CWCL by clicking here.

Bridges Competitive League

Bridges is Mineplex’s competitive game where 2 teams of 10 players compete against each other to gather resources, gear up and, when the bridges drop, engage in battle. The last team standing wins. Join the BCL by clicking here.

Micro Battles Competitive League

Micro Battles is a fast-paced team orientated game mode that values teamwork and combat PVP. We host a fun, friendly community who enjoy playing Micro Battles. We welcome all players, even new players. Join the MBCL by clicking here.

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